Nine Months of Smiles

We at the Phoenix Private School K-8 believe that Student Leadership and Service is a crucial part of the educational experience for children.  We are now laying the groundwork to put forth a program that will give our students more opportunities to be leaders and to participate in programs that will positively impact our campus, community and planet.

Nine Months of Smiles – This year long project enables each grade level to champion a month long community service project. Every child in our school will have the opportunity to make a real difference by working towards a common goal to help others.

September                  All About Equine Animal Rescue       ­­2nd Grade               Initiative

 – Collect items that would help All About Equine in its efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, neglected, abandoned horses.

October                       One Warm Coat                                    5th Grade                  Integrity

 – Collect warm coat donations for distribution to children, women and men in need in our community.

November                   Food Drive                                            3rd Grade               Organization

 – Collect food donations to donate to the Twin Lakes Food Bank for the hungry in our community.

December                   Toy Drive                                             Kindergarten           Cooperation

 – Collect toys and assist Powerhouse Ministries in providing a Christmas for children in need.

January                       Plastic Oceans                                  7th Grade                    Empathy

 – Partner with Plastic Oceans to help reduce plastic in our oceans and raise awareness in part by hosting a screening for the film A Plastic Ocean.

February                     Children’s Receiving Home            4th Grade                   Courage

 – Facilitate donations of clothing and school supplies to help benefit abused and neglected children entering the Children’s Receiving Home.

March                         We Won’t Rest                                    8th Grade                Responsibility

 – Work with We Schools In Action to spread facts and dispel myths about homelessness. 

April                            Sierra Wildlife Rescue                      6th Grade               Perseverance

 – Sponsor drive to gather supplies needed to help Sierra Wildlife Rescue in their mission to rehabilitate and release injured or orphaned native animals back into the wild.

May                             Project Night Night                            1st Grade                  Friendship

 – Gather donations of baby blankets, stuffed animals and children’s books to benefit homeless children entering area shelters.                

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