Innovative Technology

Kindergarten and First Grade Levels

The Phoenix Schools, Private K – 8 is committed to providing a computer environment in which technology is used as a tool to enhance a student’s ability to learn and support the educational process We improve a student’s achievement by integrating the technology into the curriculum. Technology is viewed as a learning tool and not an end product. The future belongs to our children’ therefore it is important that we teach the skills necessary to acquire knowledge now and throughout the 21st century. Students develop specific abilities to use technology to access, manipulate and communicate information. The children become active problem solvers and life-long learners.

At The Phoenix Schools, Private K – 8, students and staff have access to technology-based tools. We teach the students to explore and use these tools, putting the focus on practical applications. Technology will always play an increasing role in the education of our students. The earlier our children become comfortable utilizing these tools, the better off they will be in the future.

Second – Eighth Grade Levels

The Phoenix Schools, Private K – 8 technology program is aligned with the Common Core Standards. We introduce students to basic skills including keyboarding and Microsoft Office. We educate our students about computers, the growth of technology and most importantly we work hand-in-hand with all Phoenix staff to enrich our student’s studies in every subject. We open up the world of the Internet in a safe environment encouraging students to explore. Our goal is to create independent learners who are self-starters, critical thinkers and skilled at problem solving.

An important element of the technology program is communication. The Phoenix School participates in the Intel PC Pal program allowing our older students to email with an Intel employee throughout the year. In addition, our assignments revolve around project-based learning. Whether working individually or collaborating as a group, the students are continually learning new and exciting things they share with one another, cultivating their public speaking skills.


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