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Kindness Certified School

Kindness Certified SchoolThe Phoenix Schools, Private K-8, through its participation and accomplishments in the 2015 Great Kindness Challenge has been awarded the distinction of being a Kindness Certified School. The Great Kindness Challenge provides education and support for students and schools for the purpose of building and strengthening within them a culture of kindness. Phoenix’s annual participation in the Great Kindness Challenge complements our school’s Life Skills character education program and celebrates our community’s commitment to being a safe and nurturing environment.  Congratulations The Phoenix Schools, Private K-8 – we are proud our students understand the importance of caring and gratitude, that they strive to grow in tolerance, unity and respect, and that they perform acts of kindness within our community. They definitely are not only exceptional students, but also exceptional human beings.

Accelerated Reader Enhances Student Learning

Teachers have embraced the Accelerated Reader program which encourages children to read effectively.  As a result of the diligent efforts of teachers, parents, and students, we are seeing tremendous gains in our students’ reading capabilities.  Accelerated Reader is NOT a curriculum.  It is an effective tool for teachers to encourage student reading and to monitor their comprehension and growth in the knowledge of vocabulary.  Parents, if they so choose, can be notified when their child has taken a quiz and the results of their work.  Together, all participants in this effort are talking about literacy and the skills necessary to be effective readers.

We are pleased to be able to say that  our kindergarten aged children are able to access  Accelerated Reader when the teacher sees them as able to handle the formatting of the quiz taking protocol.  Rarely, in Accelerated Reader, are kindergarten or 1st grade aged students involved.  We are pleased to add students to this enriching program as they acquire the necessary skills.


Spelling Bee

Phoenix 1st – 8th grade students participated in the Scripps Spelling Bee on December 12th, 2017. We can’t wait for next year’s Bee!


Student Information System: Gradelink

Our new system is up and running.  Gradelink is very user friendly! The teachers will communicate regularly with you through Gradelink.  Parents can log in to see report cards, student progress, grades, attendance records, and more!   If you lose your password or get locked out, please call or email Andrew Smith she will assist you!


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